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What is the difference between Cardless EMI & Pay Later?
The cardless EMI allows customers without access to credit or debit cards to pay in equal instalments starting from 3 months and make high-value purchases. Whereas Pay Later offers the convenience of credit cards to new-age shoppers, where they are assigned a credit limit and can repay in 15- 30 days.

How to enable EMI and Pay Later options?
Create a request on [email protected] or reach out to your dedicated account manager.

How to integrate EMI and Pay Later?
The integration is similar to that of Cashfree Payment Gateway integration. You can refer to the API documentation here. If you are using Cashfree redirect checkout or drop checkout, you can try them out here.

How long does it take to activate EMI and Pay Later?
It takes 7-10 days for approval and activation of EMI and Pay Later.

Where can I find the test data for integration?
Test data can be found here.

If a customer chooses the EMI option, when will I get the full amount?
You get the full amount upfront and the bank/ partner converts the transaction into EMI for the customer.

What happens if a customer does not repay their EMIs?
The entire risk is taken by the lender and the merchant gets the entire order amount upfront.

How do I initiate a refund? How long does it take for refunds to be processed?
You can initiate a refund via the Payment Gateway dashboard or use the APIs. Refunds may take 8-10 days to be processed. However, the majority of the refunds are processed within 2 working days.

For how long are refunds allowed once the transaction is completed?
Typically banks/partners allow customers to create refunds for up to 30 days. In genuine cases, this might increase.