Account Summary

Account Summary section gives you information about the balance available in your account to process payouts. Last recharge amount details, the low threshold limit value, and other account-related information are available in this section.

You can also manage your withdrawals, and set a low balance alert for your Payouts Recharge Account. The accounts you can add funds to your Payouts Recharge Account is also available in this screen.

To view the account details, go to Payouts Dashboard > Account > Summary.



Account Information

Your details registered with Cashfree Payments is displayed in the Account Information section. The bank account details from which you add funds to your Cashfree account is also displayed here. If you want to update any of the information shown on this screen, please write to [email protected]

Account InformationAccount Information

Account Information


You can view all the transactions made with your Payouts account in the Statement section. To view your account statement, go to Payouts Dashboard > Accounts > click Statement.

The statement section gives you information about all the transfers, account credits, reversals, withdrawals, bank details verification made using your Payouts account. It also gives you information about the transfer made between your payout accounts.

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