With Payouts, send money to the customer's bank account, UPI ID, card, or wallet. Pay vendors, do customer refunds, disburse loans, etc., instantly 24x7, even on a bank holiday.

Cashfree Payments product Payouts is a robust payment disbursal solution that allows businesses to send and manage payments for use cases such as vendor payouts, customer refunds, salary payouts, and more. Payouts eliminates the need to upload complex excel files to traditional corporate banking portals for bulk transfers.

You can simplify payout disbursals for businesses by using our powerful Payout APIs and an easy to use product dashboard. With Payouts, you can instantly make payments with simple in-product integration.

Payouts are a better way to:

  • Send money round-the-clock instantly to your customers or vendors.
  • Manage multiple payout methods: IMPS, NEFT, UPI, Mastercard (MoneySend), Visa (Visa Direct), and digital wallets (Amazon Pay & Paytm).
  • Control, analyse, and automate every aspect of your business payout needs in real-time.

Use Cases

  • Leading delivery services use Payouts to pay wages/incentives to their delivery partners on time.
  • Leading e-commerce websites use Payouts to send out instant refunds for canceled orders to their customers.
  • Some of our merchants use Payouts to easily send and reconcile vendor payments.


  • Do instant payouts, 24x7, even on bank holidays
  • Add or delete any number of beneficiary accounts
  • Do bulk payments instantly (up to 10,000 transactions in a minute)
  • Track each account separately using the dashboard
  • Automatic reconciliations

Payouts Payment Flow

An overview of the Payouts payment workflow is shown below:


Payouts Flow

See Make Payouts to Customers to know the step-by-step procedure to make a payout.