softPOS Application - Introduction

Cashfree Payments softPOS (Point of Sale) solution is an android application through which you can accept payments digitally or in-person and run a business successfully. Give your customers the choice of 100+ digital payment options and accept payments from your phone.

With the Cashfree Payments softPOS solution, you can collect payments using:

  • Dynamic QR code
  • Tap and Pay
  • Cards
  • Payment Links
  • Net Banking
  • Wallets
  • Buy Now Pay Later option, and many others.

Businesses can record cash and online payments on a single interface and merge the online and offline world using the softPOS application. Install the application on your android device and start collecting payments seamlessly. This solution enables businesses with multiple agents to collect payment on your behalf and it also supports businesses dependent on cash on delivery for services.


  • Turn any android device into POS
    All one needs to do is download an app for free, to avail the POS services.

  • One powerful payments platform
    Capture all modes of payments in one place through softPOS. Accept payments via, Tap and Pay, dynamic QR Code, Payment Links, Cash, Card, Net banking, and more.
    Make reconciliation easier and more straightforward for your business. Switch easily within payment modes for a higher success rate.

  • Improve sales and convert visitors into customers
    Make shopping more convenient and fun for your customers with the buy now pay later option. Attract customers who were hesitant to buy earlier.

  • Keep your business running without you
    Add agents to the dashboard, who can accept payments on your behalf. All collections will be reflected collectively on the merchant dashboard. Manage your business operations from anywhere.

Use Cases

Delivery businesses- the solution is ideal for businesses employing delivery agents to collect payments from the end customer. Our solution gives the end customer plenty of options to choose from while making payments and all of them get recorded in the merchant dashboard.

On Ground Retail Agents - the product is hugely beneficial for agent-based businesses that provide on-ground services and collect payment on the spot as well as for services done for remote customers.
Example - For services that are provided at the customer's doorstep, payments can be collected by agents after providing the services.

In-store Payments - One stop solution for all in-store payments. You can use the softPOS app to collect payments online or in cash.


  • Cashfree Payments softPOS application can be installed on Android devices only. Android level 23 (Marshmallow) or above is required to use the application.
  • To accept payments through tap and pay, a device with Android level 28 (Pie) or above is required.
  • You should have an active Cashfree Payment Gateway account to accept payments using softPOS. If you are a new user and want to sign up with Cashfree Payments, click here.