Batch Refunds

Learn how to process refunds in bulk to your customers.

Use the Batch Refunds feature to initiate refunds for a large number of transactions at a time. Add all the required refund details in a single file as per the required format and upload the file.


Batch Refund Home Page

To initiate a batch refund,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard> Transactions> Refunds>Batch Refunds.


Before you begin uploading the file, ensure the following points:

  • Download the sample file to know the refund details required in the batch file.
  • Make sure you read the upload instructions before you upload the file.
  • The file will not be uploaded if it is not as per the suggested format. Resolve the errors if any in the uploaded file, and reupload it.
  1. Click Upload File. Select the file with the refund details, and click Upload. The maximum file size allowed is 10 MB, and a maximum of 10000 records can be included in the file.

Upload Batch Refund

Once you have initiated the batch refunds, you will get a success message along with other details such as: total records, valid records, and invalid records uploaded.


Upload Batch Refund Success