Step 1: Get the SDK


Open your pod file and add the following

pod 'CashfreePG', '~> 2.0.10'

Execute command in your terminal

 pod install 


Open the info.plist file and add the following:


Migrating from 1.. to 2.0.*

Replace "paytm" with "paytmmp"


Package Whitelisting

The newest versions of our iOS SDK(2.0.0 and newer) will require your app package/bundle to be whitelisted in cashfree's system to use the SDK Checkout. Whitelisting request can be made from your dashboard Developers>Whitelisting

You can check step-by-step process of making whitelisting request here.



Please ensure you enter correct package for the whitelisting.
iOS Package example -
com.cashfree.merchant (correct)

What’s Next