Subscription Status

Learn in detail about the various subscription status.

For subscriptions through eMandates (bank accounts), it takes 1 to 2 working days to activate the subscription. For subscriptions through cards, it is activated instantly.

A description of all the possible statuses for a subscription is available below:

INITIALIZEDThe subscription has just been created and is ready to be authorized by the customer.
BANK_APPROVAL_PENDINGE-Mandate has been authorised and registration is pending at the Bank. This status is specific for e-mandates.
ACTIVEThe customer has authorized the subscription and will be debited accordingly.
ON_HOLDThe subscription failed due to insufficient funds, expiration of payment method, and so on.
CANCELLEDThe subscription was cancelled by the merchant and can no longer be activated.
CUSTOMER_CANCELLEDThe subscription was cancelled by the customer and can no longer be debited/activated.
COMPLETEDThe subscription has completed its total active period.
LINK_EXPIREDThis status indicates that the subscription link has expired and there has been no successful authorisation done by the customer for this Subscription. This is one of the terminal states and no further action can be performed on these subscriptions. This is applicable only to all non-Seamless Subscriptions that were created post 4th May 2023.

CUSTOMER_CANCELLED use cases for different payment methods are mentioned below -

  • eNACH: Information that the customer has cancelled the mandate is known only when a charge is raised on this mandate. This charge will always fail as per the cut-off timelines. Refer here for payment statuses.
  • UPI AutoPay: This update is instant i.e. the status is updated as and when the customer cancels the mandate from their UPI App.


This is not applicable for SI on Cards.