Payouts APIs V2 - New

In this article, you will learn the benefits of using v2 APIs and the list of APIs that have the version 2 capabilities.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their payout integrations, processes, and eventually enhance their customer experiences. At Cashfree Payments, we understand the importance of offering robust and efficient APIs to empower developers and businesses alike. That's why we're thrilled to introduce v2 APIs – the next evolution in our mission to revolutionise payouts integration.

What are the benefits of using v2 APIs?

  • Enhanced versioning

Our v2 APIs allow for a seamless incorporation of future breaking and non-breaking changes on existing endpoints. In essence, the improved versioning strategies aim to provide a balance between innovation and stability.

  • Standardised API request and response

The request and response parameters of version 2 APIs follow a particular standard for clarity and consistency. The idea behind the standardisation is to make it easy for you to understand and work with the APIs, simplifying the integration processes.

  • Standardised error code

The error codes too follow a particular standard. They give you a quick diagnosis of the issue and provide a resolution to troubleshoot the error. This reduced your need to raise support tickets and enhances your experience with Cashfree Payments.

  • Standardised Cashfree Payments

We are working towards the standardisation of our services across the platform that facilitates easy onboarding and ease in the idea of familiarity for you even with other services.

  • Consolidating transfer APIs

The version 2 APIs simplifies the process of selecting the correct API for merchants, streamlines transfer APIs, and reduces integration issues.

End Points

Version 2 APIs

Find the respective version 2 APIs.

Beneficiary V2

Create BeneficiaryUse this API to add a beneficiary to your Cashfree Payments account by providing the bank account number, IFSC, and other required details.
Get BeneficiaryUse this API to get the details of a particular beneficiary from your account.
Remove BeneficiaryUse this API to remove an existing beneficiary from the list of added beneficiaries.

Transfers V2

Standard Transfer V2Use this API to initiate an amount transfer at Cashfree Payments. It is an async request by default.
Get Transfer Status V2Use this API to get the status of the initiated transfer.
Batch Transfer V2Use this API to initiate a batch transfer request at Cashfree Payments. You can transfer money to multiple beneficiaries.
Get Batch Transfer Status V2Use this API to get the status of the initiated batch transfer.


5XX error

When you get a 5XX response, do not initiate another transaction. Check the status of the standard transfer using Get Transfer Status V2, and check the status of the batch transfer using Get Batch Transfer Status V2 to proceed further.