Learn about Tokenisation, Token Vault, and Cashfree Payments role in Tokenisation.

What is Tokenisation?

Tokenisation is the process of replacing sensitive credit card information such as card number, card expiry, CVV, etc with a cryptographically generated string called tokens. The actual card number of your customer cannot be traced from the token. Only the issuing bank or the respective card networks have the mapping details of the token that is mapped to the card number.

A token is a 16-digit number that is similar to your card number. The token has a token expiry that resembles the card expiry date. Once a card is tokenised, the card token can be used for processing payments as a substitute for card details. This eliminates the risk of loss of sensitive card information while making card payments.

Cashfree Payments stores the card details in their PCI-compliant vaults. This allows you to focus on your primary business rather than dealing with payment compliance hassles.

Token Vault

Token Vault is India's first interoperable card tokenisation solution. If you are using multiple payment gateway platforms, you can use Token Vault as a single integration to process saved card payments across multiple payment gateways or card networks.

Token Vault is an RBI-compliant solution through which you can generate tokens. These tokens act as proxies for card details and process payments without compromising on security. Token Vault works across all major card networks such as Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, Diners, and American Express. It enables you to route tokenised card payments across payment gateways too. Read more on Token Vault here.


Tokenisation Flow

How does Token Vault fit into Router(Interoperability)?

When a customer saves their card details on your website, Token Vault helps you tokenise the card details. If you are processing multiple transactions in a day and have integrated with multiple payment gateways, you would want to experience:

  • A faster checkout through the saved cards option
  • Secure shopping experience

To solve these challenges, the Token Vault interoperability feature acts as a single tokenisation service and manages saved card transactions across any card network or payment gateway.

You can process payments on the checkout page via Cashfree Payments Router, and our interoperable tokenisation solution ensures that your customer's card is tokenised. Once the card is tokenised, you can switch between different payment gateways without having to tokenise the cards again irrespective of the payment gateway you are using.


To enable the card tokenisation feature on the saved card, you need to direct the first card transaction for each customer through Cashfree Payment Gateway. If you already have an interoperable token and cryptogram, you can directly use that to process a saved card transaction through any payment gateway.


Interoperability Router