Partner Payment Gateway Integration

Cashfree Payment Gateway accepts domestic and international payments, and supports a wide range of payment options. Integrate Payment Gateway for Partners to easily enable your businesses to collect payments from their customers. Use our pre-built checkout integration, or customise the payment flow as per your requirements. You can also use our SDKs to easily integrate your mobile applications with our gateway. You can easily collect payments using popular Payment Methods like Cards, UPI, Netbanking, Wallets, PayPal, EMI, and Pay Later options.

Partner API Keys

To get started with Partner API requests, you must first generate partner API keys from your Partner Dashboard.

  1. Go to Partner Dashboard > Developers section.
  2. In the Developers Section, click Generate API Key.
Generate API Key

Generate API Key

Download API Keys

Download API Keys

  1. Copy and download the API keys for all API requests and future reference.

Payment Gateway APIs

All the Payment Gateway APIs that you find in this document can be used using partner authentication for your merchants.

Partner Authentication

To use Payment Gateway APIs for Partner Auth integration, x-client-id and x-client-secret headers will not be used anymore, please use the following headers:

  • x-partner-apikey: This is the common API Key generated and unique for each Partner.
  • x-partner-merchantid: This is the unique merchant ID for each merchant associated with the Partner. To know the merchant ID, go to Partner Dashboard > Merchants section, and copy the Merchant ID of the merchant you want to transact with.

Payment Gateway SDKs

We support the following SDK integrations -

Payment Gateway Webhooks

Configure Webhooks