Learn in detail about Router, its advantages, and workflow.

What is Router?

Router is a payments orchestration platform which empowers businesses to take control of their payments stack without any coding or technical effort. Router allows you to add multiple payment gateways to support payment acceptance on your website or application. As a no-code product, Router allows you to set up rules and route transactions to various gateways. This makes payment management easier and more rewarding for organisations.

You can set up customised rules that will route your payments in real-time based on the payment method, volumes, card types, sub-types, and various other business factors to the payment processor of your choice.

Using Router you can:

  • Add and manage payments gateways without any cost or effort - no integration effort is needed
  • Optimise payments for cost and success rate
  • Reduce non-user payment failures to zero
  • Increase the success rate
  • Reduce transaction cost by 15-20%
  • Process refunds across multiple payment partners

How can Router improve your business

Reduces overall costs
Payment Gateway processing fees often vary between providers on the basis of the payment method used by the end customer. You can define the preferred payment gateway for each payment mode on the Router dashboard for cost optimisation. For example, route all net banking payments to Cashfree Payment Gateway to reduce your overall processing cost.

Easy reconciliation and reporting
All payments that are collected are shown on the dashboard. Router aggregates data from different payment gateways and provides you with real-time analytics. This includes data on payment trends, transaction history, etc.

One-click integration
You can easily integrate new payment gateways with a single click and go live in a day(versus a 4-week industry average). Avoid the hassle of maintaining multiple integrations.

Zero risk, fail-proof solution
Router manages downtime across gateways for each transaction and switches across gateways within seconds to avoid any failure.