Migration for Integer Overflow Problem

Cashfree sends a few parameters as numbers in API calls, SDKs and Webhooks. For instance -
cf_order_id, cf_payment_idand cf_settlement_id

This number will soon go beyond the limit of the maximum allowed integer value for most platforms - APIs, SDKs, Webhooks. If not handled correctly, this will lead to integer overflow problems at your end.

You need to handle this at your end by fixing your code and infrastructure such that the integer overflow problem does not hamper your payments experience. Hence, we kindly request you to make required changes, if any.
You can view the below list to identify the impact and change required.

IntegrationImpacted ?Resolution
APIAll VersionsYesMerchant to handle this in their implementation
Android SDK (All Versions)No
iOS SDK (All Versions)No
React Native SDKNo
Flutter SDKNo
Backend SDKsPHPNo
JavaYesUpdate their java sdk to version 2.1.0
GoYesUpdate to go sdk to version 2.1.1
.NetYesUpdate to .net sdk to versio 2.1.0
PluginsAll PluginsNo
WebhooksAll VersionsYesMerchant to handle this in their implementation

To check you integration and version, you can go to Merchant Dashboard > Developers > Integration Usage. Click here how to check your integration usage.