UPI Verification

Use this API to verify if a given UPI handle exists. You will receive the customer name given at the bank in the response for valid UPIs.

You can claim free credits to verify your beneficiary details.

Test Data

View the test data and use this information to trigger the validations. The test data are usable only in the test environments such as gamma and sandbox.

The API returns a success response in two cases:

  • The UPI VPA entered exists and verified.
  • The UPI VPA entered does not exist.

Click here to view the test data.

Sample UPI VPA

For UPI, the primary parameter for transfer would be the UPI VPA included while adding the beneficiary. Use these UPI VPA to test payouts to an account. Can be used only with test API keys.

success@upiSuccessful UPI transfer
incorrect@upi and invalid@upiFailed UPI transfer

Click here to view the response codes.

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessage
200SUCCESSVPA verification successful
403ERRORToken is not valid
403ERRORIP not whitelisted
412ERRORToken is not valid
422ERRORPlease provide a valid Name.
422ERRORPlease provide a valid vpa
412ERRORInsufficient balance to process this request.
400ERRORService temporarily unavailable. Please try again later
422ERRORPlease provide a valid Virtual Payee Address.
520ERRORCould not verify bank account details
520ERRORSomething went wrong
520ERRORUnknown error occurred!
520ERRORValidation attempt failed

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