Merchant Onboarding

In this section, you will get an overview of the features offered in Embedded Payments and the Merchant Onboarding APIs.

Embedded Payments by Cashfree is an end-to-end payment product for your platform to facilitate direct payments between your businesses and their customers. You can use Embedded Payments to provide your businesses a seamless onboarding experience and a fully compliant payments module within your platform.

Merchant Onboarding APIs is a feature of Embedded Payments through which you can onboard your merchants to your platform. Through the merchant onboarding APIs, you can perform various actions such as adding a merchant, updating the merchant's details, fetching the merchant's status, and creating onboarding links.

Merchant Onboarding End Points

EnvironmentBase URL
Latest versionv3, 2023-01-01

The table below provides the list of Merchant Onboarding APIs along with their description.

Merchant Onboarding APIs

API NameDescription
Create MerchantUse this API to create a sub-merchant account. You can provide additional basic details. KYC documents are then required to activate the account.
Update MerchantUse this API to update a sub-merchant account. You can provide basic details only if the account is not yet active.
Get Merchant StatusUse this API to get Merchant onboarding details for the sub-merchant account.
Create Onboarding LinkUse this API to create a pre-built onboarding link for the sub-merchant account. Embed within your platform and Merchant can fill their KYC per compliance.

Get started in the test environment

To get started with Merchant Onboarding API API requests, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Create a account on the Test Environment using this signup link
  2. Once logged in, go to the Developers section and click Generate API Key. Copy and download the API keys for future reference. You can also add a webhook endpoint to use the merchant activation status webhook.