This section comprises of the settlement APIs.

Once you have created an order and your customer pays for the order, the amount is received by Cashfree Payments and processes the settlement into your bank account.

With the settlement APIs, you can view the schedule option details, vendor schedule option details and so on. You can also fetch the settlement details by just providing the SettlementID.

Apart from this, you can settle the payments instantly using the On-demand settlements option. This option allows you to receive the unsettled amount to your bank account instantly 24x7 including holidays.

Settlement APIs

API NameDescription
Get Settlement Cycle DetailsGet Settlement Cycle Details API gets the available schedule options.
Get All Vendor Settlement DetailsGet All Vendor Settlement Details API gets the vendor settlement details for all vendors.
Get Vendor Settlement Details by Settlement IDGet Vendor Settlement Details by Settlement ID API gets the Vendor Settlement details of each vendor using the Settlement ID.
Vendor Adjustment v2.0The transfer vendor balance API adjusts the vendor balances.