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Use this API to create a reverse penny drop request. Reverse Penny Drop is a verification method for validating bank account information. Your customers/users deposit 1 rupee through a UPI based transaction and get the 1 rupee back in 24-48 hours once the verification is complete.


The link generated in the response is active only for 600 seconds or 10 minutes.

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Response Codes

CodeMessageNext Action
200invalid_verification_idEnter a valid verification_id.
200verification_id already existsEnter a valid verification_id
200verification_id_missingEnter a valid verification_id.
400verification_id_value_invalidEnter a valid verification_id that includes only alphanumeric characters, period (.), hyphen, and underscore.
400x-client-id_missingEnsure you enter x-client-id information in the API request.
401authentication_failedEnsure you enter valid x-client-id and x-client-secrent information in the API request.
403IP not whitelistedWhitelist the IP adddress.
422insufficient_balanceTry again with sufficient balance.
500api_errorTry again after some time.
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