Transfer funds using various modes, like bank transfer, Paytm, amazon pay, UPI, cards, etc., and check the status of the transfer to recipients.

Transfer Statuses

List of possible transfer statuses returned by Cashfree.

Transfer Status



Transfer completed successfully. Acknowledged flag in the response tells whether the beneficiary bank has provided acknowledgement of the transfer request.


There was an error while requesting the transfer. See sub status code received for more details on why the error occurred. Example: Wrong IFSC.


The transfer has failed.


The request is getting processed. Query transfer status (/getTransferStatus) after some time to see whether the request was successful/failed.


Transfer rejected by the beneficiary bank. The payout balance gets credited back with the amount charged. Note: You don't receive this when you are attempting a transfer but might see this when querying for transfer status (after a couple of hours). Configure the webhook endpoint to be notified in such cases.

Standard Transfer Sync
Standard Transfer Async