Create Seamless Subscription with Plan Info

Use this API to create a subscription by providing a custom payment experience to your customers by specifying the customer and plan information.

You can also specify the bank account information when you create the subscription to ensure that mandates are created via the specified bank account only. TPV is applicable only for eNACH and UPI.

The Auth Link received in the response will be redirected to a link hosted on Once the authorization is complete, your customer will be redirected to returnUrl. Store the subReferenceId as this is the unique id generated by Cashfree for the subscription and will be required for subsequent operations.




Split Payments Received via Subscriptions

To split the payments received using subscriptions with multiple vendors.

  1. Create a subscription using Create Subscription API.
  2. Use the Charge Subscription API to raise a charge for ON-DEMAND subscriptions.
  3. Get the “cf_orderId” received in the webhook SUBSCRIPTION_NEW_PAYMENT for successful subscription payment, or, get the “orderId” received in Get All Subscription Payments API, Get Single Subscription Payment API.
  4. Use this order_id in Split After Successful Payment API to initiate the split.

For this, merchants must write to care@cashfree to enable EasySplit, Order Split after payment with Order Split max delay in days (1-45 days).