Get PAN Verification Status


Verify PAN for Free!

You can verify your beneficiary PAN details for free using Free Credits. With this limited-time offer, experience and test the feature without paying any verification charges.

A banner displays the offer for you on the Verification Suite - PAN page (Verification Suite Dashboard > Verification Suite - PAN). Click Claim Free Credits and instantly redeem the credits to your account.

Test Data

View the test data and use this information to trigger the validations. The test data are usable only in the test environments such as gamma and sandbox.

Click here to view the response codes.

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
200SUCCESSPAN verified successfully
200SUCCESSInvalid PANEnter valid PAN information.
400ERRORx-client-id is missing in the request.Ensure the client ID, secret key, and API version are mentioned in the API.
401ERRORInvalid clientId and clientSecret combinationEnter a valid client ID and client secret key.
403ERRORIP not whitelistedWhitelist the IP address.
404ERRORIncorrect referenceIdEnter the correct reference ID.
422ERRORInsufficient balance to process this requestEnsure there is enough balance to process the request.
500ERRORsomething went wrong, please try after some timeTry again after some time.