APIs to Implement

Biller APIs: Overview

In order to join the BBPS network, the biller is required to furnish 2 core APIs that fulfill essential functions. The 2 APIs to implement are as follows:

  • Bill Fetch - This API is invoked when the end user tries to fetch bill on the App ( Phonepay/Gpay/Paytm etc). This would be a GET API based on the structure defined below.
  • Payment Posting - This API is invoked when the end customer completes payment for a bill on the App .The Biller has to respond with "acceptance" or "rejection" of the payment made by the end user. This would be a POST API based on the structure defined below.


Once the biller provides the API contracts and URL for both test and production environment, Cashfree team would integrate the APIs within 2 working days provided they have been developed as per recommended standard.

Authentication Mechanism

In addition to creating these APIs, the Biller must establish an authentication framework that enables Cashfree's access to these APIs. Along with delivering the API contracts, the Biller is required to inform Cashfree about the authentication protocols and furnish credentials for both testing and production environments.