Global Collections Overview

With Global Collections, you can now accept international payments from your customers. The payments that are received from your customers are converted to INR and settled into your bank account automatically. You can accept international payments in more than 17 currencies from 180+ countries. Cashfree Payments takes care of the currency conversion in real-time; you need not worry about it.

How does Global Collections Work?

Getting Started

Follow the steps mentioned below to get started with Global Collections API

  • Go to Test Environment
  • Generate Keys
  • Whitelist IP

Global Collections List of APIs

API NameDescription
Get TokenThis API generates a new token.
Verify TokenVerify the authentication token generated. The response will be ‘Token is not valid’ if the token does not exist, invalid or has been expired. Regenerate token in case of token expiry for making API calls (use /cac/v1/authorize).
Get All Collection AccountsThis API fetches all the virtual accounts that are linked with this account.
Emulate FundingUse this API to simulate funding.
Get All Transaction DetailsUse this API to get all the transaction details within a time interval.