Auto Collect - Easy Split APIs

This section explains the Auto Collect Easy Split APIs.

This section consists of the new set of Auto Collect - Easy Split APIs. Use these APIs to perform actions such as creating a vendor, updating vendor details, get vendor details, upload vendor KYC documents, get all vendor documents and so on.

To access the Auto Collect - Easy Split APIs, click the respective API links mentioned in the table below. To view the corresponding Auto Collect - Easy Split API requests, click the drop-down from the request section as shown in the GIF below:

Easy Split Auto Collect Response

Easy Split Auto Collect Response

API NameDescription
Authorize - Auto CollectUse this API to authenticate with the Cashfree system and obtain the authorization bearer token, call the authorize API.
Create Vendor v2.0This API creates a new vendor in Cashfree Payments system.
Update Vendor Details v2.0This API updates the existing vendor details such as name, email, phone number, UPI details, and any of the KYC details.
Get Vendor All DetailsThis API fetches all the details of a specific vendor by sharing the vendor ID.
Upload Vendor DocsThis API uploads the vendor KYC docs.
Get Vendor All Document StatusThis API fetches the submitted vendor KYC document status.
Get Vendor Document DownloadThis API downloads the uploaded KYC documents. Provide the vendor ID and the document type.

Split Order APIs

API NameDescription
Split After PaymentThis API splits the payments to vendors after successful payment from the customers.
Get Split and Settlement Details by OrderIdThis API gets all the split details, settled and unsettled transaction details of each vendor who was part of a particular order.

Settlement APIs

API NameDescription
Get All Vendor Settlement Details by VendorIDThis API gets all the settlement details for a vendor. This will help in reconciliation.
Get Vendor Settlement Details by SettlementIDThis API gets the vendor settlement detail (settled and unsettled transactions) of each vendor which were part of a particular order by providing the SettlementID.
Transfer Vendor BalanceThis API adjusts vendor balances.

Reconciliation APIs

API NameDescription
View Split Order Details Using Settlement IDThis API gets the split order details processed in a settlement using the Settlement ID.
Vendor Recon for a Time PeriodThisAPI gets the details of all the vendor reconciliation details for all vendors within an interval.
Vendor Recon Using Vendor ID & Time IntervalThis API gets the vendor reconciliation details of all events for a specific vendor using the vendor ID and Time interval.