Standard Transfer Sync

Use this API to initiate an amount transfer request at Cashfree by providing beneficiary id, amount, and transfer id. This is a sync transfer request.

Once you trigger the requestTransfer API, the transfer to the beneficiary account will be attempted immediately and the bank's reference number will be returned in the API response. The median time for the response is 2 to 5 seconds.

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessage
200SUCCESSTransfer completed successfully.
201SUCCESSTransfer Scheduled for next working day.
201PENDINGAwaiting confirmation from beneficiary bank.
201PENDINGTransfer request pending at the bank.
202PENDINGRequest received. Please check status after some time.
400ERRORTransfer amount is greater than the maximum amount of Rs.100000.
400ERRORTransfer amount is less than minimum amount of Rs. 1.
403ERRORToken is not valid
403ERRORIP not whitelisted
403ERRORThis feature is not available for your account.
403ERRORTransfer mode is not available for your account.
412ERRORToken missing in the request.
412ERRORBeneId missing in the request.
412ERRORAmount missing in the request.
412ERRORTransferId missing in the request.
422ERRORInvalid amount passed.
422ERRORInvalid transferId passed.
422ERRORNo Payee Virtual Address associated with the beneficiary.
422ERRORRemarks can have only numbers, alphabets and whitespaces.
409ERRORTransfer Id already exists.
404ERRORBeneficiary does not exist.
422ERRORBeneficiary details not valid.
422ERRORNo Bank account or IFSC associated with the beneficiary.
412ERRORNot enough available balance in the account.
412ERRORPlease wait 30 minutes after adding the beneficiary.
422ERRORInvalid IFSC code provided for bank account.
422ERRORInvalid bank account number or IFSC provided.
422ERRORTransfer request to paytm wallet failed.
400/520ERRORTransfer attempt failed at the bank.
520ERRORTransfer request triggered.No response from bank.
403ERRORTransfer to this beneficiary not allowed.
400ERRORTransfer limit for beneficiary exceeded.
412ERRORTransfer limit for your account exceeded.
412ERRORInvalid transfer mode passed in the request.
412ERRORTransfer mode not enabled for the account.
412ERRORInvalid Tag passed in the request.