Get Transfer Status

Use these details to get details of a particular transfer. You can pass referenceId or transferId to fetch the details.


Version 2 APIs

We provide version 2 APIs for Payouts that benefits you in multiple ways.

Please use this Authorization token in headers to call any payout API (Refresh this page if the token is expired)

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Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageSolution
200SUCCESSDetails of transfer with referenceId (or transferId) XXXX-
403ERRORToken is not validVerify the generated token.
403ERRORIP not whitelistedWhitelist the IP address.
404ERRORTransferId is invalid or does not existEnter a valid transfer ID.
404ERRORReferenceId is invalid or does not existEnter a valid reference ID.
412ERRORToken missing in the requestEnter a valid token in the request.
422ERRORPlease provide referenceId or transferId to fetch detailsEnter a valid reference or transferId.
/520ERRORUnknown error occurredTry again after some time.
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Failure Reasons

Reason (in API response)CategoryDescriptionSolution
BANK_GATEWAY_ERRORBankTechnical error at the bank
SOURCE_BANK_DECLINEDBankTPS exceeded at the bank/NPCI
FAILEDBankNo explicit failure reason from the bank
INVALID_AMOUNT_FAILMerchantAmount is invalid for the given transfer modeEnter a valid transfer amount.
INVALID_AMOUNT_FAILCustomerBank account is invalidEnter valid bank account details.
INVALID_REQUESTMerchantRequest is invalid
RETURNED_FROM_BENEFICIARYBankImmediate reversal from the beneficiary bank
INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEMerchantBalance is exhausted, need to add funds
IMPS_MODE_FAILBankIMPS mode not supported for the beneficiary
RTGS_MODE_FAILBankRTGS mode not supported (only for RTGS)
REINITIALIZE_TRANSFER_LATERBankTechnical error at the bank, retry later
NRE_ACCOUNT_FAILCustomerCustomer bank account is an NRE account
ACCOUNT_BLOCKEDCustomerCustomer bank account is blocked
DEST_LIMIT_REACHEDBankTransfer limit to beneficiary exceeded
INVALID_MODE_FAILBankTransfer mode not valid for beneficiaryEnter a different transfer mode.
BENEFICIARY_BANK_OFFLINEBankBeneficiary bank is offline
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Reversed Reasons

Reason (in API response)CategoryDescriptionSolution
ACCOUNT_FROZEN_OR_CLOSEDCustomerAccount is closed or frozen
CREDIT_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDCustomerTransfer limit to beneficiary exceeded
ACCOUNT_CLOSED_OR_FROZENCustomerTransfer limit to beneficiary exceeded
ACCOUNT_ON_HOLDCustomerAccount is temporarily on hold
ACCOUNT_FROZENCustomerAccount is frozen
IFSC_DOES_NOT_MATCHCustomerIFSC does not matchEnter a valid IFSC.
FRAUD_REVERSEDCustomerSuspect fraudulent transfer
ANY OTHER REASONBankReason not specified by bank
ACCOUNT_CLOSEDCustomerAccount is closed
ACCOUNT_FROZEN_OR_BLOCKEDCustomerAccount is frozen or blocked
BENEFICIARY_NAME_DIFFERSCustomerBeneficiary name does not match (only for NEFT)
BENEFICIARY_BANK_NODE_OFFLINEBankBeneficiary bank offline
ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXISTCustomerAccount does not existEnter valid bank account details.
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