Vendors 2.0

Learn in detail about the various APIs that are used for the Vendor KYC process.

This section consists of the new set of Vendor KYC APIs. Use these APIs to perform actions such as creating a vendor, updating vendor details, get vendor details, upload vendor KYC documents, get all vendor documents and so on.

Vendors 2.0 APIs

API NameDescription
Create Vendor v2.0This API creates a new vendor in Cashfree Payments system.
Update Vendor Details v2.0This API updates the existing vendor details such as name, email, phone number, UPI details, and any of the KYC details.
Get Vendor All DetailsThis API fetches all the details of a specific vendor by sharing the vendor ID.
Upload Vendor DocsThis API uploads the vendor KYC docs.
Get Vendor All Document StatusThis API fetches the submitted vendor KYC document status.
Get Vendor Document Download URLThis API downloads the uploaded KYC documents. Provide the vendor ID and the document type.