Split Orders

Learn in detail about the APIs that are involved in split orders.

With Split Order APIs you can automatically split the orders with multiple vendors and manage settlements. When a transaction is received, based on the split instructions(split details) provided by the merchant, Cashfree Payments carries out the split.

You can split the orders into your vendors account either by mentioning the amount or the percentage. Apart from this, you can also view the split and settlement details by just providing the OrderID. To split payments to your vendors using Easy Split, you must first ensure the feature is activated for your Payment Gateway account.

Split Order APIs

API NameDescription
Split After PaymentSplit After Payment API creates a split after the payment is completed.
Get Split and Settlement Details by OrderIdGet Split and Settlement Details by OrderId API gets details of the split, settled and unsettled transactions of each vendor using the OrderID.
Create RefundCreate Refund API creates a new refund.

Watch this video to learn how to initiate an order without split API