Get Bulk PAN Status

Use this API to get the status of the Bulk PAN verification request by providing the reference ID or bulk_verification_id.

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Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
200SUCCESSPAN verified successfully
200SUCCESSFile is being processed. Try again after some time.
400ERRORx-client-id is missing in the request.Enter the client ID, secret key, and API version in the API.
400ERROREither of reference_id or BulkVerificationId can't be empty.Enter the reference ID or bulk verification ID in the API.
401ERRORInvalid clientId and clientSecret combinationEnter a valid client ID and client secret key.
403ERRORIP not whitelistedWhitelist the IP address.
422ERRORInsufficient balance to process this requestAdd sufficient balance and try again.

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