Driving Licence

Use this API to verify the driving license of your customer. We retrieve details of the driving licence that includes the type of licence, issue date, expiry date, and more. View the test data and use the information to trigger the validations. The test data are usable only in the test environments such as gamma and sandbox.

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
200SUCCESSINVALIDEnter the correct information in the request.
400ERRORdriving license is invalidEnsure a valid driving licence information in the request.
400ERRORdob should be of type YYYY-MM-DD.The accepted format is YYYY-MM-DD.
400ERRORdob is missing in the request.Enter the date of birth of the driving licence holder in the request.
400ERRORverification_id is missing in the request.Enter a valid verification ID to identify the verification request.
400ERRORverification_id can include a maximum of 50 characters.Create a valid verification ID within 50 characters.
400ERRORverification_id can include only alphanum, dot, hyphen and underscores.Only alphanumeric, period (.), hyphen (-) and underscore ( _ ) are allowed.
400ERRORClient secret belongs to test environmentEnter the correct environment credentials in the request.
400ERRORx-client-id is missing in the request.Enter all the header information in the API request.
401ERRORInvalid clientId and clientSecret combinationEnsure you enter valid x-client-id and x-client-secret information in the API request.
403ERRORIP not whitelisted your current ip is IP whitelisting assistance, visit our guide at https://docs.cashfree.com/docs/ip-whitelisting-verificationWhitelist the IP address.
409ERRORverification id already existsEnter a unique verification ID to identify the request.
422ERRORInsufficient balance to process this requestTry again with sufficient balance.
500ERRORsomething went wrongTry again after some time.
502ERRORverification attempt failedTry again after some time.
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