Get Details

Use this API to get the details of the created reverse penny drop request. You need to enter either ref_id or verification_id.

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Response Codes

CodeMessageNext Action
400Please enter a valid ref_idEnter a valid ref_id.
400Please enter a valid verification_idEnter a valid verification_id.
400Please provide verification_id or ref_idEnter either verification_id or ref_id in the API request.
400x-client-id is missing in the request.Ensure you enter x-client-id information in the API request.
401Invalid clientId and clientSecret combinationEnsure you enter valid x-client-id and x-client-secrent information in the API request.
403IP not whitelistedWhitelist your IP address and then try the API request.
500something went wrong, please try after some timeTry again after some time.
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