Payouts API Overview

Use the Payouts API to automate money transfers to any bank a/c, UPI ID, card, or other modes. Generate the keys in test or production modes. You can check the parameters required, success, & error responses.

You can perform the following tasks using the Payouts API:

  • Add and manage your beneficiaries efficiently
  • Transfer money to your beneficiaries' accounts using different transfer methods
  • Track the transfer status
  • Check the ledger and available balance instantly

Click the respective arrows to view the tables that describe the list of APIs involved in Payouts:

Beneficiary APIs.

Beneficiary APIs

API NameDescription
Add BeneficiaryAdd a beneficiary to your Payouts account.
Retrieve Beneficiary DetailsRetrieve a beneficiary's details.
Find Beneficiary IDFind the ID of a specific beneficiary.
Remove BeneficiaryRemove a beneficiary from your Payouts account.
Retrieve Beneficiary TransfersRetrieve transfer data of a specific beneficiary.
Account APIs

Account APIs

API NameDescription
View BalanceView the ledger and available balance of your account.
View Balance V1.2Version 1.2 allows you to specify the payment instrument Id.
Self WithdrawalRequest a self-withdrawal from your Payouts account.
Internal TransferRequest an internal transfer between your Payouts accounts.
Transfer APIs

Transfers APIs

API Version 1.2API Version 1DescriptionTransactions Per Minute (TPM)
Standard Transfer Sync V1.2Standard Transfer SyncInitiate a sync transfer requestN/A
Standard Transfer Async V1.2Standard Transfer AsyncInitiate an async transfer request1000
Direct Transfer V1.2Direct TransferInitiate an amount transfer request directly to the beneficiary not in the database.1000
Get Transfer Status V1.2Get Transfer StatusGet the status of the transfer request.-
Batch Transfer V1.2Batch TransferInitiate a transfer request to multiple beneficiaries.1000
Get Batch Transfer Status V1.2Get Batch Transfer StatusGet the status of the batch transfer request.-