Use this API to transfer money to beneficiary cards. Provide details such as beneficiary name, card type, network type, and transfer ID.

You need to pass the tokenised card number or card token for this transfer.

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Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
200SUCCESSTransfer completed successfullyNone
201PENDINGTransfer request pending at the bankNone
400ERRORTransfer Id already existsProvide a different transfer ID
403ERRORToken is not validValidate the token
412ERRORNot enough available balance in the accountTry again with sufficient account balance
422ERRORPlease provide valid token detailsProvide a valid token
422ERRORamount should be at least 1.0Enter a transfer amount that is equal to or more than Rs. 100
422ERRORInvalid bank account number or ifsc providedProvide valid bank account details
422ERRORPlease provide a valid NameProvide a valid name
422ERRORPlease provide a valid networkTypeProvide a valid network type
422ERRORcardType is invalidProvide a valid card type
422ERRORtransferId can contain only alphabets, numbers, hyphen and underscoreProvide a valid transfer ID