Bulk Bank Verification

Use this API to request bank validations in bulk. It is an asynchronous process, call the get bulk verification API to get the result.


Verify Bank Account Details for Free!

You can verify your beneficiary bank account details for free using Free Credits. With this limited-time offer, experience and test the feature without paying any verification charges.

A banner displays the offer for you on the Verification Suite - Bank Account page (Verification Suite Dashboard > Verification Suite - Bank Account). Click Claim Free Credits and instantly redeem the credits to your account.

To verify the customer's bank details, you need their bank account number and the IFSC. You can verify the bank accounts individually or in batches at a time. When you have a large number of accounts to be verified, simply upload all the details in a file as per the format suggested in the product dashboard and upload it to verify the details, or you can also use the bulk bank verification API to do the same.

To verify a large number of customers bank details, specify the bulkValidationId a unique Identifier for the request, name, bankAccount, ifsc, and phone number of all the customers you want to verify as per the request shown below.

Bank Account Objects

Field NameDescription
nameAccount holders name (alphanumeric and space allowed)
phoneAccount holder's phone number
bankAccountAccount number to be validated (6 to 40 characters allowed)
ifscIFSC of account to be validated (standard IFSC format - length 11, first four bank IFSC and 5th character is 0)
Click here to view the response codes.

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessage
200SUCCESSBulk Validation requested successfully. Please check later for processing status.
520ERRORUnknown error occurred at bulk bank validation.
520ERRORError in Bulk Validation.
520ERRORBulk Validation request failed.
409ERRORBulk Validation Id already exists
422ERRORMandatory parameters missing in the request.


Name Match Feature

To manually check if the provided customer name and the name registered at the bank are the same, consumes a lot of time and effort. Cashfree Payments has introduced a new feature that will help you to verify if the names are the same and provide the result accordingly.

Two new parameters, nameMatchResult and nameMatchScore are available in the response, which will help you make faster validations and process payments successfully. Click here to know more.

Contact your Account Manager or write to [email protected] to activate the name match score feature for your account.