Create Static Split Configuration

This API will create a static split scheme wherein you can define the split type and the vendor-wise split percentage.



To use this API, write to [email protected] or your Account Manager. This API has to be enabled for the test and production environment.

Response Codes
Status CodeStatusMessageSolution
200SUCCESSOrder split created
404ERROROrder not foundSpecify an order ID that exists
400ERROROrder not paidEnsure the order is paid
400ERRORSettlement not foundSpecify a settlement ID that is present
400ERRORSettlement not applicable for payment codeSpecify a valid Settlement ID
400ERRORSplit Vendor doesn't existSpecify a split vendor that exist
400ERRORTotal split amount is greater than transaction amountSpecify a split amount that is less than the transaction amount
400ERRORTransaction not capturedRetry again after some time
400ERRORSplit already existsCreate a new split
400ERRORSettlement already processedWait for sometime
400ERRORSettlement eligibility time passedSpecify a valid settlement eligibility time
400ERRORMerchant not enabled for split after paymentsEnable the merchants
400ERROREither amount or percentage has to be present for each vendor and not bothSpecify either amount or percentage, do not provide both
400ERRORInvalid vendor split amountSpecify a valid vendor split amount
400ERRORRefund already exists, cannot create splitCreate a split where refund is not initiated

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