Use this API to send requests for loan disbursement to the beneficiary. The service charges are pooled for the respective party and disbursed at the end of day. Disbursement amount = (Amount - total service charges).

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Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
200SUCCESSTransfer completed successfullyNone
201PENDINGTransfer request pending at the bankNone
400ERRORbeneId is missing in the requestEnter a beneId in the request
400ERRORTotal service charge is greater than disbursal amountEnter valid amount which is greater than sum of service charges
400ERRORInsufficient balance in LENDER fundsourceLender needs to recharges their CF wallet
422ERRORPlease provide valid token detailsProvide a valid token
422ERRORamount should be at least 1.0Enter a transfer amount that is equal to or more than Rs. 1.
422ERRORInvalid bank account number or ifsc providedProvide valid bank account details