Generate OTP to Verify Aadhaar

Use aadhar OTP verification API to generate OTP for a given aadhar number and it will be sent to the mobile number linked with the aadhar.


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Best Practices for Generating OTP

  • Please wait for 45 seconds before generating a new OTP for the same Aadhaar using the Generate OTP to Verify Aadhaar API.
    • The average response time is between 4 to 5 seconds.
    • OTP generated is valid for 10 minutes only.

Click here to view the test data and response codes.

Sample Aadhaar Numbers

Aadhaar NumberOTPRemarks
655675523712111000Aadhaar Verification Successfull
655675523712000111OTP Invalid
655675523712000222Verification Failed
655675523711000113OTP Invalid
655675523710111000Invalid Aadhaar Number
655675523709111000Verification Failed

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
200SUCCESSOTP sent successfully-
200SUCCESSInvalid Aadhaar CardEnter a valid aadhaar card number.
200SUCCESSAadhaar number does not have mobile numberLink aadhaar number with your customer's phone number.
400ERRORAadhaar Number should contain 12 characters.Enter the 12 digit aadhaar number.
400ERRORPlease enter aadhaar number in numeric formatAadhaar number should contain only numeric values.
500ERRORUnable to validate, please retry laterTry again after some time.
500ERRORSomething went wrong, please try after some timeTry again after some time.