Get Settlement Cycle Details

Get Settlement Cycle Details API gets the schedule options approved for your EasySplit account, which you can assign to your vendors.

You can define the schedule options for each vendor when you add the vendors. Our standard schedule option is T+1 working days, T represents the day of the successful transaction. T+1 means that the payment will settle in your account the next day from the date of the transaction, this excludes excluding bank holidays. If you select T+2, the payment will settle in your account two days from the date of the transaction.

Apart from this, you can settle the payments instantly using the On-demand settlements option. This option allows you to receive the unsettled amount to your bank account instantly 24x7 including holidays.

Schedule Options

1T+1 settlement at 11:00 AM
2T+2 settlement at 11:00 AM
3All transactions from 4:30 PM T-1 to 10:30 AM T+0 settled at 11AM T+0, and, 10:30 AM T+0 to 4:30PM T+0 at 5:00PM T+0
4All transactions from 2:00 PM T-1 to 2:00 PM T+0 settled at 3PM T+0
5All transactions till 5.30 at 6
6Instant Settlement Every Hour between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM on working days
7Instant Settlement every 3 hours between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on working days
8Instant Settlement Every Hour 24*7
9Instant Settlement Every 3 Hours 24*7
11Weekly Every 1st Working day
12Monthly Every 1st Working day