Standard Transfer Async v1.2

Use this API to initiate an amount transfer request at Cashfree Payments. You need to provide beneficiary ID, amount, and transfer ID. This is an async transfer request.


Version 2 APIs

We provide version 2 APIs for Payouts that benefits you in multiple ways.

Once you trigger the requestAsyncTransfer API, Cashfree Payments verifies your request and returns the Cashfree referenceId. The transfer to beneficiary account will be attempted within the next 60 seconds and you may query the transfer status after 60 seconds.

Use this API to process very high volumes.


  1. The API response is much faster for the async transfer endpoint. The async transfer response takes <100 ms as compared to a median value of 2-5 sec for the sync payout transfer API.
  2. The asynchronous API can handle a higher TPM (transactions per minute) as compared to the synchronous API. The async API allows us to handle up to 1000 transactions per minute.

Please use this Authorization token in headers to call any payout API (Refresh this page if the token is expired)

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Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
200SUCCESSTransfer completed successfully.-
201PENDINGTransfer Scheduled for next working day.-
201PENDINGAwaiting confirmation from beneficiary bank.-
201PENDINGTransfer request pending at the bank.-
202PENDINGRequest received. Please check status after some time.-
400ERRORTransfer amount is less than minimum amount of Rs.1Enter a transfer amount that is equal to or more than Rs. 1.
400ERRORNot enough available balance in the account.Retry with sufficient balance in the account.
400ERRORTransfer Id already exists.Enter a different transfer ID.
400ERRORPlease wait 30 minutes after adding the beneficiary.-
400ERRORTransfer amount is less than minimum amount of Rs. 100.Enter a transfer amount that is equal to or more than Rs. 100.
400ERRORTransfer amount is greater than the maximum amount of Rs.100000.Enter a transfer amount that is equal to or less than Rs. 100000.
400ERRORTransfer attempt failed at the bank.
400ERRORTransfer to this beneficiary not allowed.Enter a different beneficiary ID.
400ERRORTransfer limit for your account exceeded.
400ERRORTransfer limit for beneficiary exceeded.
403ERRORToken is not validVerify the generated token.
404ERRORBeneficiary does not exist.Enter a valid beneficiary ID.
412ERRORTransfer mode not enabled for the account.
422ERRORPlease provide a valid beneIdEnter a valid beneficiary ID.
422ERRORInvalid Amount Passed.Only 2 decimal places are allowed.Enter an amount with a maximum of only 2 decimal places.
422ERRORPlease provide a valid transferId.Enter a valid transfer ID.
422ERRORInvalid IFSC code provided for bank account.Enter a valid IFSC.
422ERRORInvalid bank account number or IFSC provided.Enter a valid bank account number and IFSC.

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