Get Transfer Status V1.2

Use these details to get details of a particular transfer. You can pass referenceId or transferId to fetch the details.

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Click to view the response codes, failure, and reasons for reversal.

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessage
200SUCCESSDetails of transfer with referenceId (or transferId) XXXX
403ERRORToken is not valid
403ERRORIP not whitelisted
403ERRORAPIs not enabled. Please reach out to [email protected]
404ERRORReferenceId is invalid or does not exist
404ERRORTransferId is invalid or does not exist
412ERRORToken missing in the request
422ERRORPlease provide referenceId or transferId to fetch details
520ERRORUnknown error occurred

FAILED / REJECTED / REVERSED Reasons (reason field will be available only for these 3 statuses)

Reason (in API response)CategoryDescription
BANK_GATEWAY_ERRORBankTechnical error at the bank
BENE_BANK_DECLINEDBankRejected by Beneficiary bank due to business reasons
FAILEDBankNo explicit failure reason from the bank
INVALID_IFSC_FAILCustomerInvalid ifsc code provided for bank account
INVALID_ACCOUNT_FAILCustomerBank account is invalid
RETURNED_FROM_BENEFICIARYBankImmediate reversal from the beneficiary bank
INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEMerchantMerchant balance is exhausted, need to add funds
IMPS_MODE_FAILBankIMPS mode not supported for the beneficiary
RTGS_MODE_FAILBankRTGS mode not supported (only for RTGS)
REINITIALIZE_TRANSFER_LATERBankTechnical error at the bank, retry later
NRE_ACCOUNT_FAILCustomerCustomer bank account is an NRE account
ACCOUNT_BLOCKEDCustomerCustomer bank account is blocked
DEST_LIMIT_REACHEDBankTransfer limit to beneficiary exceeded
INVALID_MODE_FAILBankTransfer mode not valid for beneficiary
BENEFICIARY_BANK_OFFLINEBankBeneficiary bank is offline
INVALID_AMOUNT_FAILMerchantAmount is invalid for the given transfer mode
SUSPECTED_TRANSFERCustomerSuspicious transfer identified
BENE_NAME_DIFFERSCustomerBeneficiary name not matching with bank records
DISABLED_MODEMerchantTransfer mode not enabled for the account
AMAZON_AMOUNT_EXCEEDMerchantAmount should be less than 10000 for Amazon Pay mode
BENEFICIARY_BLACKLISTEDMerchantBeneficiary is blacklisted
PAYOUT_INACTIVEMerchantPayout account is not active
INVALID_TRANSFER_AMOUNTMerchantTransfer amount is invalid
BENEFICIARY_NOT_EXISTMerchantBeneficiary does not exist
BENEFICIARY_INVALID_MODEMerchantMode Not valid for Beneficiary
INVALID_BENE_ACCOUNT_OR_IFSCMerchantInvalid bank account number or ifsc provided
BENEFICIARY_NAME_DIFFERSCustomerBeneficiary name not matching with bank records
ANY_OTHER_REASONBankNo reason provided for the failure/reversal