Purpose Codes

This page contains the purpose codes for Global Collect

Purpose CodeDescription
P0103Advance receipts against export contracts, which will be covered later by GR/PP/SOFTEX/ SDF - other than Nepal and Bhutan
P1004Legal services
P1005Accounting, auditing, bookkeeping services
P1006Business and management consultancy and public relations
P1007Advertising, trade fair service
P1008Research & Development services
P1009Architectural services
P0802Software consultancy / implementation (other than those covered in SOFTEX form)
P0807For Export of Software covered under softex (advance payment)
P1020Wholesale and retailing trade services
P1002Trade related services - commission on exports / imports
P1104Entertainment services
P1099Other services not included elsewhere, for export of services
P1015Tax consulting services
P1016Market research and public opinion polling service
P1017Publishing and printing services
P1019Commission agent services
P1107Educational services
P1109Other Personal, Cultural & Recreational services
P1701Receipts on account of processing of goods
P0301Purchases towards travel (Includes purchases of foreign TCs, currency notes etc over the counter, by hotels, Emporiums, institutions etc. as well as amount received by TT/SWIFT transfers or debit to Non-Resident account).
P0302Business travel
P0304Travel for medical treatment including TC purchased by hospitals
P0305Travel for education including TCs purchased by educational institutions
P0306Other travel receipts
P0801Hardware consultancy/implementation
P0803Data base, data processing charges
P0804Repair and maintenance of computer and software
P0805News agency services
P0806Other information services- Subscription to newspapers, periodicals, etc.
P0808Telecommunication services including electronic mail services and voice mail services
P1013Environmental Services
P1014Engineering Services
P1101Audio-visual & related service:Motion picture & video tape production, distribution & projection service
P1103Radio & TV production,distribution & transmission service
P1105Museums, library and archival services
P1106Recreation and sporting activity services
P1108Health Service provided by Indian hospitals,doctors,nurses,paramedical remotely/on-site)