Seamless Subscription

This section explains the APIs that are used for creating seamless subscriptions. Seamless Subscription allows you to provide your own payment experience to your customers. With this, you can collect all payment details on your webpage and safely send them to Cashfree Payments for processing. The authLink received in the response can be used to redirect the customer to the 2FA page of the issuer/destination bank.

To build a seamless subscription flow for your customers, follow the steps below:

  1. Create Plan - The first step is to create a plan. Plans are a prerequisite to create a subscription.
  2. Create Subscription - Once you have created a plan, the next step is to create a subscription. You can charge your customers periodically (periodic) or whenever required (on-demand) for a subscription.
  3. Create Authorisation Request - Now that you have created a subscription, the next step is to create an authorisation request for the subscription created in the previous step.
  4. Get Authorisation Status - You can check the status of an authorisation request using this API.


The Create Auth and Get Auth APIs are applicable only for subscriptions created using the Create Seamless Subscription API.

To try the seamless checkout flow, we have provided you two APIs. You can try them out in the test environment.

Update Authorisation Status
Update Charge Status


The Update Authorisation Status and Update Charge Status APIs are applicable only in the test environment. Actions that happen in the test environment have no consequences in the production environment.