Errors - Structure and List

Error Structure

The Payment Gateway response in case of an error includes the following:

  • error_code - Code associated with every error
  • error_description - Description of the error
  • error_source - Source of the error
  • error_reason - Failure reason

Sample error response:

	"auth_id": null,
	"authorization": null,
	"bank_reference": "306118259130",
	"cf_payment_id": 1636676360,
	"entity": "payment",
	"error_details": {
		"error_code": "TRANSACTION_DECLINED",
		"error_description": "transaction is rejected at the remitter bank end. Please reach out to issuer bank",
		"error_reason": "bank_rejected",
		"error_source": "bank"
	"is_captured": false,
	"order_amount": 1.00,
	"order_id": "order_18482MSWq8prPMOW0jTeGsx0B1JmPC1",
	"payment_amount": 1.00,
	"payment_completion_time": "2023-03-02T18:24:51+05:30",
	"payment_currency": "INR",
	"payment_group": "upi",
	"payment_message": "01::REJECTED",
	"payment_method": {
		"upi": {
			"channel": "collect",
			"upi_id": "8XXXXXXXX2@upi"
	"payment_status": "FAILED",
	"payment_time": "2023-03-02T18:24:18+05:30"

List of Errors for Payments

Download the list of errors along with their explanation.

Payment Error List



Error details will be shown for every failed transaction in the payload of the following APIs and webhook: