Create Vendor v2.0

Use this API to create a new vendor to your EasySplit account along with the KYC details. Provide KYC details such as account_type, business_type, gst, cin, pan, passport number and so on. Click here to read more on vendor KYC.

For Auto Collect pass the Authorization token. Use the Authorize API to generate the token for Auto Collect APIs.


Vendor Instant Settlements

PG - Use schedule option 8, 9, or 14 to schedule instant settlements to your vendor account.
AC - Use schedule option 8 or 9 to schedule instant settlements to your vendor account.

Schedule Options Supported
1T+1 settlement at 11:00 AM.
2T+2 settlement at 11:00 AM.
3All transactions from 4:45 PM T-1 to 10:45 AM T+0 settled at 11:15AM T+0, and, 10:45 AM T+0 to 4:45PM T+0 at 5:15PM T+0.
4All transactions from 2:00 PM T-1 to 2:00 PM T+0 settled at 3:00 PM T+0.
5All transactions till 5.30 PM at 6:00 PM.
6Instant settlement every hour between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM on working days.
7Instant settlement every 3 hours between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on working days.
8Instant settlement every hour 24*7.
9Instant settlement every 3 hours 24*7.
11Weekly every 1st working day.
12Monthly every 1st working day.
13T+1 settlement at 09:00 AM.
14Instant settlement every 15 minutes 24*7.
15T+3 settlement at 11:00 AM.
16T+7 settlement at 11:00 AM.
List of Business Types
Business Types
Digital Goods
Financial Services
Food and Beverages
Health care
NBFCs/Organizations into Lending
Mutual funds/Broking
Non Profit/NGO
Online Gaming
Open and Semi Open Wallet
Pan shop
Real Estate, Housing, Rentals
Retail and Shopping
Social Media and Entertainment
Travel and Hospitality
Chit Funds
Web host/Domain seller
Professional Services (Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, CAs, and other Professionals)
List of Account Types
Account Types
Govt Authority/ULBs/Municipalities
Private Ltd or Public Ltd
Response Codes
Sub CodeMessageSolution
400vendor_id_invalidSpecify a valid alphanumeric vendor ID.
400status_invalidProvide a valid status. Possible values are: ACTIVE or BLOCKED.
400Invalid NameProvide a valid name. The name should not have any special character except. / - &,
400Invalid NameProvide a valid name. Ensure the name size must be between 0 and 100.
400Invalid email IDSpecify a valid Email ID.
400Email ID not specifiedSpecify a valid Email ID.
400Phone number not specifiedSpecify a valid phone number.
400Please provide a valid Phone numberSpecify a valid phone number without special characters and the length is 10 digits.
400VPA not specifiedSpecify a valid VPA
500Failed to validate VPARetry after sometime
400Account holder name not specifiedSpecify a valid account holder name
400Invalid account holder nameSpecify an account number without any special characters except. / - &,
400Invalid account typeProvide a valid account type without any special characters. Possible values: BUSINESS or INDIVIDUAL.
400Invalid uidai numberProvide a valid uidai (Aadhaar) number without special characters and the length is 12 digits.
400Invalid gst numberProvide a valid GST number without special characters and the length is 15 digits.
400Invalid cinProvide a valid CIN number without special characters and the length is 21 digits.
400Invalid PANProvide a valid PAN number without special characters and the length is 10 digits.
400Invalid passport numberProvide a valid passport number without any special characters and the length is 8 digits.
400Merchant is not ActiveEnsure merchant status is Active
Sample bank account numbers and upi vpas to test the API in the test environment.

Bank Numbers

For banks, the primary parameters for transfer would be the bank account and IFSC number included while adding the vendor. Sample details shared below are to simulate different vendor settlement situations.

NameAccount NumberIFSCRemarks
John Doe026291800001191YESB0000262Success
John Doe00011020001772HDFC0000001Success
John Doe000890289871772SCBL0036078Success
John Doe000100289877623SBIN0008752Failed at bank
John Doe2640101002729CNRR0002640Failure – Invaid IFSC code
John Doe026291800001190YESB0000262Failure – Invalid Account number
John Doe02014457596969CITI0000001Success (later to Reversed)
Jon D026291800001191YESB0000262Failure - Account holder name matching failed


For UPI, the primary parameter for transfer would be the UPI VPA included while adding the vendor. Use these UPI VPA to test transfers to the vendor account.

success@upiSuccessful UPI transfer
incorrect@upi and invalid@upiFailed UPI transfer
Test Details

GSTIN Details


PAN Details

Individual PAN - ABCPV1234DValid
Individual PAN - XYZP4321WValid
Individual PAN - AZJPG7110RValid
Business PAN - ABCCD8000TValid
Business PAN - XYZH2000LValid
Business PAN - AAAHU4383CValid
Business PAN - AMJCL2021NValid
Individual PAN - DEFPV0126DInvalid
Individual PAN - TUVP5678WInvalid
Business PAN - LMNCD8010TInvalid
Business PAN - EFGH2020LInvalid

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