Physical Mandates

In this chapter, you will learn in detail about the APIs related to Physical Mandates.

Physical mandate is the process of authorization where the customer requires only his signature and bank account details. There is no requirement to have a Debit Card/Netbanking enabled to set up the mandate. Click here to read more on Physical Mandates.

List of Physical Mandates APIs

API NameDescription
Create Seamless Subscription APIUse this API to create a subscription by providing a custom payment experience to your customers by specifying the plan ID and the customer details.You can also specify the bank account information when you create the subscription to ensure that mandates are created via the specified bank account only. TPV is applicable only for eNACH and UPI.
Upload FileUse this API to upload the Physical Nach registration forms that contain your customer’s bank account details and signature. Use the fileId you get in the response in the "Create Auth Seamless PhysicalMandate API".
Create Auth Seamless Physical MandateUse this API to create an Authorization request for your customer. For Physical mandates, this API lets Cashfree Payments know that the nach form is to be raised to the bank for successfully registering the mandate in production.
Update Authorisation StatusUse this API to update the status of the authorisation from INITIALIZED to SUCCESS or FAILED. Provide the authID and the payment status. This is applicable only in the test environment.