Vendor Status Change Webhook

This chapter explains the vendor status change webhook.

Configure vendor status change webhooks to receive automated notifications when vendor status is changed.

The webhook notifications are sent on all the URLs added and enabled in the vendor status change webhook. You can add new URLs and enable or disable existing URLs for vendor status change webhook at any time and it will reflect instantaneously.

The table below lists the webhook events available for vendor status change.

Webhook EventDescription
VENDOR_STATUS_UPDATEThis webhook will be triggered whenever there is a change in the status of the vendor.

Vendor Status Update

  "data": {
    "merchant_id": 152707,
    "merchant_vendor_id": "status002",
    "email": "[[email protected]]()",
    "updated_status": "ACTION_REQUIRED",
    "past_status": "IN_BENE_CREATION",
    "account_holder": "JOHN DOE",
    "phone": "9876554927",
    "name": "BOB HOPE",
    "product_type": "PG",
    "max_split": 100,
    "account_number": null,
    "ifsc": null,
    "dashboard_access": false,
    "vpa": "success@upi",
    "account_type": "Individual",
    "business_type": "Travel and Hospitality",
    "updated_by": "AUTOMATED",
    "document_status": {
      "PAN": "VERIFIED",
  "event_time": "2023-06-08T15:10:37+05:30",

Payload Field Description

merchant_id Cashfree Merchant ID.152707
merchant_vendor_idReference ID as shared by you when onboarding the vendor.IS_1hour_Upi
emailEmail of the vendor.[email protected]
updated_statusCurrent status of the vendor.ACTIVE
past_statusPrevious status of the vendor.ACTION_REQUIRED
account_holderName of the account holder associated with the vendor.John Doe
phoneContact phone number of the vendor.9876554927
nameName of the vendor.BOB HOPE
product_typeType of product offered to the vendorPG
max_splitThe maximum percentage of the amount shared with a vendor in any order.100
account_numberVendor's bank account number.12345678909
ifscIFSC (Indian Financial System Code) associated with the vendor's bank.SBIN1231935
dashboard_accessAccess level to the dashboard for the vendor (if applicable).FALSE
vpaVPA of the vendor for UPI transactions.success@upi
account_typeType of the vendor's account.Individual
business_typeType of business conducted by the vendor.Travel and Hospitality
updated_byEntity or process that initiated the status update.AUTOMATED
document_statusStatus of any associated documents for the vendor.{

Signature Verification

The signature must be used to verify if the request has not been tampered with. To verify the signature at your end, you will need your Cashfree PG secret key along with the payload.

timestamp is present in the header x-webhook-timestamp
Actual signature is present in the header x-webhook-signature

"headers": {
        "host": "",
        "x-request-id": "ad4dc1e65f8901302455b247237a667a",
        "x-real-ip": "",
        "x-forwarded-for": "",
        "x-forwarded-host": "",
        "x-forwarded-port": "80",
        "x-forwarded-proto": "http",
        "x-forwarded-scheme": "http",
        "x-scheme": "http",
        "x-original-forwarded-for": "",
        "content-length": "592",
        "accept": "_/_",
        "content-type": "application/json",
        "user-agent": "ReactorNetty/1.0.30",
        "x-datadog-parent-id": "4281924148563621550",
        "x-datadog-sampling-priority": "1",
        "x-datadog-trace-id": "228569355002181270",
        "x-webhook-signature": "Xm0YzEJCRsh0XvIEK12D4FqpmC60cReKoqPBn424kV0=",
        "x-webhook-timestamp": "1686217237543",
        "x-webhook-version": "2022-09-01"

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