Get Batch Transfer Status V1.2

Use this API to get the status of the Batch Transfer.


Version 2 APIs

We provide version 2 APIs for Payouts that benefits you in multiple ways.

Please use this Authorization token in headers to call any payout API (Refresh this page if the token is expired)

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Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
200SUCCESSData retrieved successfully-
201PENDINGEntries are not processed yet-
403ERRORToken is not validVerify the generated token.
403ERRORIP not whitelistedWhitelist the IP address.
404ERRORBulk Transfer Id does not existEnter a valid batch transfer ID.
412ERRORToken missing in the requestEnter a valid token in the request.
520ERRORError while fetching data
520ERRORUnknown error occurred at batchTransfer

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