Release Notes: V4 (2023-08-01)

Changes and Improvements made in the version V4

Following are the key changes made in the version 2023-08-01 (V4).

  1. New header in API Response
    New header "x-deprecated-at" is added in the API response which will let you know the date when the used version is going to get deprecated.
  2. Cashfree IDs type change [BREAKING]
    All cashfree IDs like cf_order_id, cf_payment_id, cf_refund_id etc are now in string format instead of integer (in older versions).
  3. Order Entity Changes
    1. We have removed payments, refunds, settlements urls from order entity.
    2. customer_uid part of customer_details in order entity. This is the unique identifier of the customer created at Cashfree. You can create customer at cashfree using Create Customer API
    3. order_status can have two more values - "TERMINATED" and "TERMINATION_REQUESTED". Find the complete list of order statuses here
    4. No longer support for notify_url in Create Order API. You can configure webhooks from dashboard instead.
  4. New Order Termination API
    We have released a new API to terminate an Order. Find API details - Order Termination API.
  5. New Customer APIs
    We have released Customer APIs to let merchants create and manager their customers. Find more about this here - Customer Management
  6. New SPOS APIs
    Find newly released SPOS APIs
  7. CF Refund IDs
    Earlier cfrefund_id used to start with a prefix "refund" . In this version, you will not get that prefix and cf_refund_id will be directly be the id without any prefix. Example - OLD cf_refund_id = "refund_41805719" , NEW cf_refund_id = "41805719"

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