View Split Order Details Using Settlement ID

This API retrieves processed details of split orders within a settlement by utilizing the Settlement ID. The response provides comprehensive information, including order ID, transaction time, initiation and completion times of the settlement, settlement UTR, applicable charges and taxes, refunds processed during the settlements, adjustments, and additional details. The corresponding Settlement ID can be found in the response of the Get All Vendor Settlement Details by VendorID API.


Sandbox and Production Endpoint

Sandbox Endpoint -
Make sure you generate credentials in the test dashboard.

Production Endpoint -
To process live payments, make sure you use credentials from the live dashboard. Do not share your secret key with anyone.

For Auto Collect pass the Authorization token. Use the Authorize API to generate the token for Auto Collect APIs.

Response Codes
Sub CodeMessageSolution
400Pagination limit should be at least 10Minimum value for pagination should be 10, specify a value that is greater than or equals 10.
400Pagination limit should be at max 1000Maximum value for pagination is 1000, specify a value lesser than or equals 1000.
400Pagination limit is missing in the requestSpecify the pagination value in the request.
400filters : is missing in the requestAdd settlement_id filters.
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