Next Steps for Biller

  1. Once you are done implementing this APIs at your end, please create a document with the following details and send it over to [email protected]:
  • The API contracts that are finally implemented for both the APIs. Include the following:
    • Expected Sample Request
    • Sample Success Response
    • Sample Failure Response
    • Sample Error Response
  • Describe the authentication mechanism you have implemented along with credentials for the same in
    • Test Environment
    • Production Environment
  • Provide the base URL & the path to access both the APIs in
    • Test Environment
    • Production Environment
  • Provide 7-8 data points in test environment through which bill fetch can be triggered.
  • Confirm the Onboarding Configurations as defined in Section F and mention the same in the document.
  1. Cashfree team will test the API functionality in test environment and then integrate with BBPS system if its working as expected.
  2. The same would be sent for approval to NPCI along with the legal documentation. NPCI would take 1-2 weeks to approve the request if everything is correct.
  3. NPCI would give a go-ahead and configure the production routing so transactions can be initiated. Biller would be live on BHIM initially and within 1 week would appear on GPay. Post that it would appear on PhonePe and other apps in 2 weeks.
  4. Biller can use Cashfree Dashboard to see realtime reporting of transactions coming through BBPS.