Vendor Adjustment

Use this API to adjust vendor balances.

For Auto Collect pass the Authorization token. Use the Authorize API to generate the token for Auto Collect APIs.

Response Codes
Sub CodeStatusMessageSolution
200SUCCESSVendor & merchant balances updated
400ERRORVendor not foundSpecify a valid vendor ID
400ERRORInvalid type. The value must be one of: [DEBIT, CREDIT]Ensure the type is either DEBIT, CREDIT
400ERRORInvalid AdjustmentId. Value should be uniqueSpecify a unique adjustment ID
400ERRORInvalid AdjustmentId. Value can't be greater than 2,000,000,000Make sure value is less than 2,000,000,000
400ERRORAmount should be greater than zeroSpecify an amount greater than zero
400ERRORVendor does not have sufficient balanceMake sure the vendor has sufficient balance
400ERRORMerchant does not have sufficient balanceEnsure the merchant has sufficient balance