Aadhaar OKYC

Aadhaar number is a unique 12-digit number used to verify an individual’s identity. Aadhaar Verification is a crucial part of the customer onboarding process for various platforms like NBFCs, Banks, Lending companies, and insurance companies.


Verify Aadhaar for Free!

You can verify your beneficiary Aadhaar details for free using Free Credits. With this limited-time offer, experience and test the feature without paying any verification charges.

A banner displays the offer for you on the Verification Suite - OKYC page (Verification Suite Dashboard > Verification Suite - OKYC). Click Claim Free Credits and instantly redeem the credits to your account.

To support businesses verify the aadhaar based on user consent, we support offline verification. To do this, you must first enter the aadhaar number provided, an OTP will be sent to the customer phone number registered with the aadhaar. Next, you must enter the OTP customer has received to validate the aadhaar to see all the details associated with the corresponding aadhaar number, like name, address, mobile number, age, date of birth etc., of the Aadhaar card holder.